Homework 4

Extra, extra! Important TI-89 calculator graphing notes:
1) To graph a function, first use ♦F1 to go into the y= editor. Insert the function, make sure it is checked to graph (if not, highlight the function and hit F4). To graph the function, press ♦F3. If the window is strange, either modify the window settings by pressing ♦F2 or stay in the grapher and do Zoom->ZoomSTD by just pressing F2. This will give you a -10x10 window.

2) To quickly evaluate a function for multiple values, first insert the function into the y= editor. Take note whether you are using y1, y2, y3, etc. Then on the home screen type y1(x)|x=#, where # is the value you want to evaluate at. If you used y2 in the y= editor, then instead type y2(x)|x=#. Please note that this is only one of many ways to evaluate functions via the calculator. Use whatever methods you personally are comfortable with.

(Note that this limit equals -5 even though there is a hole in the graph! This is because the function approaches the y value of -5 as the input values x approach -1.)

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